Frequently Asked Questions

How would i know if my submission has been posted ?

How do i submit ?

Go to the following below, once you click the link wait 5 seconds and then click ‘SKIP AD’  in the top right hand corner.

Why didn’t my submission get posted ?

  • The only submissions that do not get through are ones that don’t follow the submission guidelines which are:
  1. Image is too small
  2. User has not tagged either girl or guy
  3. Image is not of high quality (i.e blurry)
  4. Image has been submitted before
  5. The photo has been over edited (e.g. cartoon effect like images)
  6. The person in the photo looks under 16
  7. The user has tried to spam the same image over and over
  8. Image has been tagged wrongly i.e. tagging gif when it’s a still image

Did you get my submission ?

  • We receive many submissions everyday and can’t keep track of individual submissions. Therefore if you’ve submitted and it hasn’t been posted it’s more likely that you haven’t followed our submission guidelines. Otherwise you can check in our submissions to see if your picture has been posted.

Once you’ve submitted a picture, how long does it usually take before it is posted?

  • It can vary from 1 second to one day. If you want real time information of your submissions follow our twitter or simply just tweet us regarding when it may be likely to see your submission.

I forgot to add my link to my submission, can you add it for me ?

  • No. If you want the picture deleted you can message us with the link (send link here: to the picture to delete. You can also chose to submit the same picture again remembering to add your name. 
My picture was submitted, then I later found it was deleted, why did this happen?
  • A picture that’s submitted is only ever deleted if it was accidently posted as it didn’t follow the guidelines, you can always try submitting a different picture.
  • Or it was found that you submitted a picture impersonating someone else.

Can you follow me ?

  • This tumblr is purely for submissions and posting ultimate beauties therefore we don’t follow any blogs apart from a select few that are similar to our own.

Can you promote my blog?

  • Apart from the above the only other way to promote yourself is to submit your photo with your Tumblr/Website name.

Can you reblog my photo ?

  • No, we have too many submissions  to manage, so re-blogging is only done when a moderator wants to update the page with chosen posts.

How do I become an ultimate beauty ?

  • Submit, simple as that.

Who’s the girl in the… etc… etc… ?

  • If we know an individuals Tumblr/Website then it will be stated on their picute. If not then we do not know that persons Tumblr/Website for sure.

Can you please take down a photo of myself that has been submitted on your page ?

  • You can message us with the URL of the photo of yourself that you wish to be taken down.
  • Please use the following link: to send us the ULR link of the photo you wish to be taken down

What’s your name ?/ Where are you from ? - AND ANY PERSONAL QUESTIONS IN GENERAL

  • This blog is run by three people and therefore all personal questions are unable to be answered, this blog is purely for submissions and showcasing beauty.

Thank you & enjoy, ULTIMATEBEAUTIES.